Tourist taxe 2019 : for ranked accomodation and bed and breakfast


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La taxe de séjour, à quoi sert-elle ?

The « taxe de séjour » (tourist tax) is asked to the tourists as long as they spend at least one night in a tourist accommodation of territory.

All the hosts located in one of the two « communautés de communes » of South Charente (La communauté de communes des 4B Sud Charente et la communauté de communes Lavalette Tude Dronne) are thus indebted of this tax.

The allocation of the tourist tax concerns expenses intended to favor the tourist frequentation of the South Charente. In this context, several projects have been realized:



  • Since 2013, the South Charente Tourist Office has initiated two studies for the implementation of a local signage for the tourist accommodation of the territory. This project aims to standardise the territory’s signage and make the tourist offer more accessible.

    A first phase, initiated in 2014 with 50 hosts, continued in 2016. More than 100 accommodations now benefit from road signs.

    The project, financed in part by the payment of the « taxe de séjour » collected by the communities of communes, is supported by the LEADER funds.

Signalétique touristique du sud Charente, autour des villes d'Aubeterre-sur-Dronne, Barbezieux, Chalais et Villebois-Lavalette.

  • Hiking trails around the village of Aubeterre-sur-dronne, avaibable in our offices for free.

Sentier de randonnée autour du village d'Aubeterre-sur-dronne, sur la communaté de communes Lavalette Tude Dronne.